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Criminal Protection....

2009-01-15 05:41:07 by LOoPyBoY95

I've noticed over the years that, well it seems that the government is protecting criminals more then giving them Justice. For example of such act: My friends house was broken into and the burglar tripped over and broke his ankle. Now, if punishment was like it used to be, the burglar would've got punishment for breaking and entering and get medical service for his ankle. BUT, instead he sued my friend and he almost lost his house trying to pay for the burglar that was in the wrong.

*Sigh* What has the world come to. It really annoys me how criminals are protected and it seems as if the victims are being punished. Another example is The Greenough Family Massacre. The guy hacked at a family of 4 in the dead of night with a hatchet. 2 of the family were little girls aged 7 and 5. The murder was so gory and brutal that the Supreme Court of law in Perth refused to release any of the details to the public. I'm assuming that he hacked at there faces and whatnot. But the worst thing is his punishment for the murder. His original sentence was Life Imprisonment. But because he claimed he was in a state of psychosis from the influence of drugs he got life with a parole minimum of 20 years.

But he wasn't really under the influence of drugs. Reasons are: He was smart enough to wash of the evidence, throw away the murder weapon and drive all the way out into the middle of the bush to kill the family! That doesn't sound like drug use to me. Now he could be out in 2013! And theres nothing stopping him from doing the same thing. If it was up to me I would've ordered his penis and testicles to be removed (as he raped the mum when she was dead) and be put to death. But Australia banned capital punishment years ago. Now the worst you can get is life.

So, what do you think of this? I don't believe its fair. But thats just me.


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